Qualified and with more than 8 years experience teaching at different studios and privately, I have developed a highly specific and personal approach to body, breath work and meditation.

In 2019, I began building the boat that is now my home in Uxbridge. Today, most of my energy is directed towards campaigns for economic, social and climate justice as well as teaching yoga and studying. Moved by the intersection of moral, political and economic systems, I am driven to show how capitalism is failing the majority of us in cruel, unequal and punishing ways, and the accelerating climate crisis is a constant reminder that we must act. Yoga is another aspect of rebellion. Choosing to value health and “the work in between work” is a radical act, since capitalism declares this whole area of our daily life valueless while everything else is priced.

For more on the work I do visit: jubileemovement.org, debtforclimate.org or follow twitter.com/peoplesjubilee