Yoga With Rob

Today, in much of the world, we undervalue the work of repairing and refreshing ourselves and each other, our bodies and minds. To practice yoga is to value this vital aspect of human existence and economy. To practice yoga is to resist its devaluation and strive for a balanced and beautiful life and community.

Yoga With Rob is a community to make yoga more affordable and rewarding with a range of classes that can be accessible for anyone. If any of the class rates are barriers to your practice, please get in touch and we will work it out.


*Coming Soon* Every other Saturday, I will offer a 75-90 minute yoga session in a woodland near the canal in central Uxbridge with an optional lunch afterwards. This will be open to all levels and priced fairly according to how much you can afford.


I offer private classes to individuals, couples and small families in most areas of London* at a basic rate of £50 per 60-75 minutes or 5 classes for £200.

*£10 discount for those living in Uxbridge or nearby.


For larger groups 4+ or your business, I offer 60-75 minute classes for £100 or £45 for online classes.

Please tell your friends, colleagues, families and followings about Yoga with Rob.